Adventure starts here…

.. :: ILLI :: .. Biker Vest @ The Darkness Event until 18th INVICTUS – Style jeans – PACK @MOM

Subway Steps

No. CAP MeshBOY ..S..: Fear Mesh Jersey – Grey (Exclusive) -NOeditiON- Lace Pumps @ Shiny Shabby 20th June   

Wait a minute!

lock&tuft – malone @MOM Kauna – Bento Beard & Moustache @ManCave Event /Ascend/ Smith Shoulder Blazer @ManCave Event

Friendship Goals

Volkstone Dylan Facial Hair MGmen’s_T-Shirt_May_ MGmen’s_Pants_May_ -NOeditiON- Lace Pumps @ Shiny Shabby 20th June  Douglas is Wearing: Here (soon)

It won’t be the same…

  Stealthic– Reach@TMD (June Round) Kauna – Bento Beard & Moustache @ManCave Event {COLD-ASH}– MONTANA Tee @ManCave Event ..::ILLI::.. – Classic Cargo Shorts  @TMD (June Round) ..::ILLI::..– Benjamin Boat Shoes DECOR: 8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Coffee House RARE 8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Table Green

Even if I could

  ANDERSON– A1st FaceApp ANDERSON-Head M.1 ANDERSON – ACS Plug  Stealthic – Haunting [VEX] Medusa Necklace @TMD (June Round) …Scars…Stand Collar Jacket @TMD (June Round) [VEX] Cuban Bracelet @TMD (June Round) …Scars… Leather Pants -NOeditiON- Spartan Sandals @TMD (June Round) –ANHELO-M28UL-173GA :: a cycle car Apple Fall Un Salon de Jardin

Hymn For The Weekend

Stealthic – Reach @TMD (June Round) { Speakeasy } Shelter Tattoo @ Signature Event ExalteD – Shorts @ Signature Event

Causing a commotion

  DOUX – Dane Hairstyle STRAY DOG – ARTHUR @RFL (Please read the instructions) MGmen’s_Pants_Bang_ (Green) @ Signature Event DOUX – Cooper hairstyle STRAY DOG -HUNTER @ KINKY MGmen’s_Pants_Bang_ (Blue) @ Signature Event


  Kaike pants: ..S..: Biker Jeans  @ n21